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3D Anatomy for Massage & Manual Therapies DVD


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Working with a team of top names in massage and manual therapy, including Judith DeLany (founder and director of the NMT Center), Primal Pictures has developed a key resource for massage therapists and manual therapists in training and practice: “3D Anatomy for Massage & Manual Therapies.” This resource -offers an intuitive digital guide to human anatomy as it relates to the various manual therapy professions.

Like other Primal Pictures software, the DVD-ROM features 3D computer graphic models of human anatomy that can be rotated, enlarged with a zoom feature, and modified by adding or removing layers from skin to bone. All visible structures can be highlighted to bring up related text, and an atlas of muscles and trigger points hones in on specific areas of the body. A manual therapies topic section features 27 techniques, including key massage techniques, stretching, and special care. Each technique is accompanied with explanatory text written by an expert and supplemented with photographs, illustrations, and video clips to provide clarity and context:

– 300 images provide precise views of musculoskeletal and neurovascular anatomy

– 49 manual therapy video clips demonstrate a variety of techniques and therapies, including sport massage, kinesiotaping, and craniosacral therapy

– 77 surface anatomy videos and 67 muscle function animations cover the head and neck, trunk, and lower and upper extremities

– 100 manual therapy slides show 16 techniques–including oncology massage, lymph drainage therapy, and active isolated stretching–and feature 37 labeled dissection slides and 3 illustrations of trigger points

– 124 articles on trigger points written by Judith DeLany

In addition to serving as a personal guide and reference, the individual model images and animation frames may be exported directly from the software to use for presentations and reports or as a tool to revitalize client and patient consultations. An excellent resource for teaching and learning, “3D Anatomy for Massage & Manual Therapies” is a vital instrument in helping massage and manual therapists gain a deeper understanding of the human body.

Author: Primal Pictures

Media: Book
ISBN: 1907061304
Language: English

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