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Abandoned Pregnant: A Self-Help Guide for Women Who Are Going Through Pregnancy Alone


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‘Abandoned Pregnant’ is the first self-help book published by ‘KandyCares’ a new line of self-help books for women written by author Kandy Dolor, who writes self-help books based on her own real life challenges and experiences which she has overcome. Abandoned Pregnant is a guide for women who are going through pregnancy alone and outlines the heartbreak, misery and struggle a woman is faced with when a partner or an ex does not want the child she is carrying. Full of advice, and stories from the authors experiences of being abandoned pregnant twice makes this self-help book for women like no other and helps women learn how to regain their confidence, self- respect/love/worth/esteem after being treated so badly by someone you thought cared about you. Ultimately, the book also helps women to move on and live happier abundant lives, including advice on new relationships. Kandy Dolor has a genuine understanding of the feelings of young women who have been abandoned pregnant and in this self-help book their feelings are being accounted for.

Author: Dolor, Kandy

Topic: Self-Help
Media: Book
ISBN: 993478700
Language: English
Pages: 176

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