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Achieving Inner Balance in Anxious Times



Clinical psychologist Dr Barbara Killinger offers insights and a variety of techniques that she developed in working with her clients over the years. Through their stories, she illustrates the dynamics of workaholism, showing how it produces profound personality changes, negatively affects family interactions, and reduces effectiveness at work. She explains the dynamics of how workaholism can result in the loss of personal and professional integrity, and why ambitious, perfectionistic people typically become obsessive and increasingly narcissistic. Achieving Inner Balance in Anxious Times shows us how to become aware of the darker side of our personalities, and how to avoid conflict and power struggles by establishing clear ego boundaries that help build mutual trust and respect in our personal and professional lives. The achievement of inner balance makes work-life balance possible.

Author: Killinger, Barbara

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 773538445
Language: English
Pages: 309

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