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Adult Baby Identity – Healing Childhood Wounds


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It is said that ‘no one gets out of child-hood unharmed’.This is one of those truisms that understands that we all carry some scars and drag around some burden that developed in childhood. Despite the best efforts of parents, family, teachers and those around us, there are always things we pick up along the way that cause us a measure of trouble or difficulty later on. Parents are not perfect and Mary Poppins is not real. Life is full of mistakes, failings and weakness, even in the best of people. Fortunately for most of us, these childhood-grown issues are relatively small and well within our capacity to manage and live with.But not everyone is so lucky.This new book by Dylan Lewis – the third in the series – explores the issue of early childhood, where are memories do not reach, but the effects are still felt today. For Adult Babies, there is an element of difficulty or trauma that was most likely trivial to everyone else, but ‘wounding’ to ABs.Go on a journey of discovery with Dylan Lewis and Healing Childhood Wounds.

Author: Bent, Rosalie, Foreword by: Bent, Michael, Author: Lewis, Dylan

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1799148807
Language: English
Pages: 112

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