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Adult Coloring Hue Knew? Series Positive Thinking: Using the Psychology of Color to Emote and Evoke the Emotions They’re Associated with


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By using the psychology of color to emote and evoke the emotions they’re associated with you’re better able to destress and relax. But did you also know you can also: stop fidgeting, lower blood pressure, and even increase intelligence? In this Hue Knew? Series – I’ve combined my background in color theory with my life experiences and advocacy skills and with this perfect little storm became books based on real life situations like “Gratitude,” “Positive Thinking,” and “Exciting Opportunities.” Because as humans, sometimes we let fear, our lack of being mindful and even ourselves – stand in our own way. Most often, this is a subconscious act. Will these coloring books drastically change your life and how you live it? Nah, only you have the power to do that. But they’re a really, REALLY – great first step and in the right direction for forging forward and taking what is yours and what you deserve. Besides that, none of us can have too many tools in our mental health toolboxes. Adult Coloring Books, are a great, soothing and fun tool! Inside this book the colors suggested will be the ones that best trigger the feelings associated with the topic of the book and there will be 2 to 4 choices that work together. The premise behind using the psychology of color is to use this color suggestion predominately AND variations of. If you’ve ever been to a paint store, then you know there are hundreds of shades of each and every color. Choose the hues that warm your heart and color your blues yellow while staying in the realm of the color scheme. And…you’re not married to these recommendations either. The earth won’t stop spinning. You won’t go to coloring book jail. And your boss won’t fire you if s/he finds out! These pages are unique and beautiful and stand on their own. So, by all means…color them whatever hue makes you happiest. After all, isn’t that the [colored pencil] point? However, by using the psychology behind the color – ups the ante and greatly. Inside this book: There are 30 coloring sheets done in Nature and Frames with space for you to add your own favorite affirmation or saying, your own creative drawing or doodle, or your favorite picture in which you can then hang or frame your final creation. Every image is printed on single sided pages [odd page.] Leaving its backside [even page] blank to prevent pressure indentations and bleeding. For an extra layer of protection, while you’re drawing and to prevent bleeding or indentations – I’ve added 2 blank pages at the end of the book. Simply remove the blank page and place it behind the sheet you’re working on, saving it for the next time. This book has its own webpage. On that page you’ll find its recommended color swatch in COLOR, and [8] Affirmation Cards. These cards reflect the topic of this book and are in color too. I created them to be the size of business cards so you can print, laminate, cut and carry with you [1 card at a time] until the affirmation truly resonates with you. [While you’re there…pick up the Free eBook “Advanced Artisan Adult Coloring Techniques for Beginners.”] And finally, drum roll please…. While you’re waiting for your coloring book to arrive [which should be in a jiffy] Go to and download FREE coloring pages. Remember to print extras so you can enjoy this favorite pastime with your children, mate, mother – you know…all the people you love and want to spend good quality time with!

Author: Thomas, Susan Eh

Topic: Art & Art Instruction
Media: Book
ISBN: 1978214855
Language: English
Pages: 72

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