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Affective Performance and Cognitive Science: Body, Brain and Being



This book explores new developments in the dialogues between science and theatre and offers an introduction to a fast-expanding area of research and practice.The cognitive revolution in the humanities is creating new insights into the audience experience, performance processes and training. Scientists are collaborating with artists to investigate how our brains and bodies engage with performance to create new understanding of perception, emotion, imagination and empathy. Divided into four parts, each introduced by an expert editorial from leading researchers in the field, this edited volume offers readers an understanding of some of the main areas of collaboration and research:
1. Dances with Science
2. Touching Texts and Embodied Performance
3. The Multimodal Actor
4. Affecting Audiences

Throughout its history theatre has provided exciting and accessible stagings of science, while contemporary practitioners are increasingly working with scientific and medical material. As Honour Bayes reported in the Guardian in 2011, the relationships between theatre, science and performance are ‘exciting, explosive and unexpected’. Affective Performance and Cognitive Science charts new directions in the relations between disciplines, exploring how science and theatre can impact upon each other with reference to training, drama texts, performance and spectatorship.

The book assesses the current state of play in this interdisciplinary field, facilitating cross disciplinary exchange and preparing the way for future studies.

Contribution by: McConachie, Bruce, Contribution by: Blair, Rhonda, Contribution by: Cook, Amy, Contribution by: Furse, Anna, Contribution by: Hood, Erin, Contribution by: Lutterbie, John, Contribution by: Machon, Jo, Contribution by: Pollick, Frank E, Contribution by: Trimingham, Melissa, Editor: Lutterbie, John, Editor: Shaughnessy, Nicola

Topic: Performing Arts
Media: Book
ISBN: 1408185776
Language: English
Pages: 320

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