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African Americans and Depression: Signs, Awareness, Treatments, and Interventions



Depression does not discriminate, and yet the ways in which people and communities view and react to depression differ. The unique experiences of African Americans are often taken into account when examining other topics of interest, but mental health in general is often overlooked. African Americans and Depression helps to uncover the realities of depression among African Americans, and the various ways in which sufferers and their families address, or don’t address, it. The authors provide guidance for understanding the illness, suggestions on how to heal and recover holistically, and pathways for getting help. With a primary focus on the psychological and medical needs of African Americans, the authors explore and offer an overview of clinical depression among African Americans, discuss the signs of and cultural myths surrounding clinical depression, outline the mental health help-seeking process for African Americans, and suggest potential barriers and strategies for healing. Further, they discuss community-based interventions and innovations in service programs. Lastly, the authors offer insight on mental health and health policy in the United States care systems. Including firsthand accounts from sufferers and families, this work will aid readers to better understand depression and how and where to find help.

Author: Hastings, Julia F, Author: Jones, Lani V, Author: Martin, Pamela P

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1442230312
Language: English
Pages: 132

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