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{an} Unsinkable Soul: Seeking and Finding Miracles


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How do you respond when you get “the call” that changes your life forever? Karen Sebastian stepped outside the pain of losing her spouse to find her personal strength tested and draw from the depths of her spiritual beliefs. Her encouraging hope-filled story in {An} Unsinkable Soul inspires a change in perception that can help you bounce back from your losses. Awaken the sense of a miraculous perspective that can help you slow down to see the miracles that surround you every day! When you face utter despair, it can feel much like a cold sharp knife cut. Your life seems to be falling apart all at once and your hours filled with nothing much more than darkness. However, for the contributors of {An} Unsinkable Soul, those darkest hours revealed a depth of strength that turned on a great light of hope, warming them inside and heightening their awareness about how to bounce back and keep going. If you enjoy heart-felt stories, you will love {An} Unsinkable Soul. This anthology unites 22 women who have come out of the other end of a dark time in their lives… renewed with greater faith and strength to extend compassion to those experiencing the same circumstances. This is a perfect gift for someone you know who going through a hard time, and an uplifting experience for those who feel like they are about to go under due to life’s pressures and unexpected detours. Readers will be inspired to reach higher, persevere in bad times, and celebrate the good times with renewed faith and hope.

Author: Sebastian, Karen, With: Sykes, Antoinette

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 991312007
Language: English
Pages: 226

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