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Artificial Intelligence: Critical Concepts in Cognitive Science



The scientific field of Artificial Intelligence (AI) began in the 1950s but the concept of artificial intelligence, the idea of something with mind-like attributes, predates it by centuries. This historically rich concept has served as a blueprint for the research into intelligent machines. But it also has staggering implications for our notions of who we are: our psychology, biology, philosophy, technology and society. This reference work provides scholars in both the humanities and the sciences with the material essential for charting the development of this concept.
The set brings together;
* primary texts from antiquity to the present, including the crucial foundational texts which defined the field of AI
* historical accounts, including both comprehensive overviews and detailed snapshots of key periods
* secondary material discussing the intellectual issues and implications which place the concept in a wider context

Editor: Chrisley, Ronald

Topic: Computers – General Information
Media: Book
ISBN: 415193311
Language: English
Pages: 2160

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