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As the Moonlight Shines



As the Moonlight Shines is a book of poetry by Nick Ulanowski. The first edition of As the Moonlight Shines had 82 poems and this second edition of the book has 94 poems. This second edition of As the Moonlight Shines also has a Forward and an Acknowledgments page. And it has front and back cover art from the brilliant comic book artist Jorge Santiago. It has breathtaking watercolor artwork from Kristin Palmer to illustrate the poem Garlic Soup for the Soul and an interior illustration from Jorge Santiago to illustrate Raindrops. As the Moonlight Shines is a book about love, loss, grieving and death. It’s a book about cope and hope. Because even on an empty road underneath a starless sky, there is always the light of the moon to guide your way.

Author: Ulanowski, Nick, Illustrator: Santiago Jr, Jorge, Illustrator: Palmer, Kristin

Topic: Poetry
Media: Book
ISBN: 1684542472
Language: English
Pages: 82

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