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Athlete, Not Food Addict: Wellspring’s Seven Steps to Weight Loss



Shattering widespread beliefs about the addictive nature of food, Athlete, Not Food Addict offers an empowering method for effective weight loss. Wellspring president Dan Kirschenbaum reveals that weight problems are caused primarily by resistant biological forces, our culture, and a lack of knowledge about how to manage and overcome these challenges. To lose weight permanently, we must become “weight controller athletes” and learn to mold our bodies in a healthier direction, just as athletes do. 8 Steps to Weight Control Power provides the key steps to maximizing one’s inner power to control weight, enabling readers to understand the body’s resistance to weight loss and helping them learn how to effectively manage food to decrease the body’s biological resistance. Kirschenbaum promotes the importance of increasing movement, while providing effective strategies for developing an athlete’s power of concentration through focus and self-monitoring logs. Readers will become proficient weight controller athletes and gain the necessary tools for a lifetime of successful weight control.

Author: Kirschenbaum, Daniel

Topic: Self-Help
Media: Book
ISBN: 882824643
Language: English
Pages: 296

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