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Attachment in Therapeutic Practice



This is a concise, accessible introduction to the basic principles of attachment theory, and their application to therapeutic practice. Bringing together 70 years’ of theory and research, its expert authors provide a much-needed user-friendly guide to attachment-informed psychotherapy.

The book covers:

    The history, research base, and key figures and concepts of attachment theory

    The key concepts of attachment theory, and their implications for practice

    Neuroscience implications of attachment and its therapeutic relevance

    The parallels and differences between parent-child attachment and the therapeutic relationship

    The application of attachment in adult individual psychotherapy across a number of settings, also to couples and families

    The applications of attachment to working with complex disorders

    The applications of attachment in child psychotherapy

Author: Holmes, Jeremy, Author: Slade, Arietta

Media: Book
ISBN: 1473953286
Language: English
Pages: 240

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