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Avoiding the Fear Trap




This one small word is responsible for destroying relationships, choking off success, and preventing any number of positive changes.

Unfortunately, until the root cause of the fear is addressed, it will continue to control decision-making processes and taint the way we see the world.

Dr. Casalnnie Henry confronts this issue head-on in Avoiding the Fear Trap, a book that will teach you how to find relief from the fear that follows you throughout your day. Using brief but comprehensive descriptions of basic psychological concepts, Avoiding the Fear Trap covers all levels of relationships including individual, familial, and much bigger groups such as your place of employment (corporate) and national. Politicians and corporations alike have used fear to manipulate and control the public as a way to affect their decisions and behavior, but you can be free from that. Don’t let fear immobilize you!

Combining his Christian faith and years of experience, Dr. Henry has developed a healing technique called Spiritual Euphoric Therapy. It is a therapeutic process that teaches individuals and organizations how to overcome fear and delivers hope for the fearful using powerful Christian counseling principles. This new therapy will help you understand yourself better as well as why others behave the way they do. Learn the secret to Neutralizing the Power of Fear and live a more productive life.

Author: Henry, Casalnnie O

Topic: Self-Help
Media: Book
ISBN: 1947247956
Language: English
Pages: 276

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