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Awe and Trembling



Gain new insight into panic and anxiety-related disorders!

Awe and Trembling: Psychotherapy of Unusual States provides psychologists, psychotherapists, and clinical social workers with an overview of the symptoms and causes of panic. The book gives insight into how patients cope with anxiety to help you provide more sympathetic services to your clients. You will discover how to deal with panic in an integrative way rather than relying on medication or cognitively coping by rationalization. You will also discover current methods that will improve the lives of suicidal patients, such as talking the patient through the suicidal act and inspiring thought about what would happen and discussing what the patient intends for those that are left behind. Awe and Trembling offers effective techniques that will help you give better care to clients suffering from these difficult disorders.

Compelling and informative, Awe and Trembling will help you recognize when panic in your patients is a breakthrough rather than an impending breakdown or collapse. You’ll be able to help your patients find new possibilities for a better life, instead of living with the chaos that comes with anxiety.

In Awe and Trembling, you’ll find ideas that will help you assist your patients in overcoming anxiety and panic, such as:

  • discovering ways to treat each patient as a living, breathing individual with his or her own personality and treatment needs
  • examining the therapy session as a vehicle for meditative awakening and deeper self-understanding for your patients
  • realizing that if you replace the isolation of panic with structure and connection using such techniques as breathing exercises or yoga, panic attacks can be controlled
  • acknowledging that suffering has potentially liberating as well as debilitating dimensions
  • discovering an integrated clinical model of understanding that addresses panic and anxiety from an existential perspective
  • understanding that anxiety and panic often serve as opportunities for clients to examine the conflicts in their lives and within themselves to create a deeper, more authentic existence

    Awe and Trembling will show you new ways to help your clients on their journey toward wholeness and a more comfortable, rewarding life. This valuable book will provide you with a unique perspective on panic and awe to help your clients overcome their anxieties and heal themselves and their lives so they can regain their emotional and physical independence.

Author: Stern, E Mark, Author: Marchesani, Robert B

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 789009919
Language: English
Pages: 226

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