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Bare Your Soul… Ruin Your Love Life!



Mum’s the word…

In this book Dr. Sullivan shows how you can improve your love life by not bringing up past experiences (confessions are rarely attractive).

He gives concrete examples from his career as a clinical psychologist, and explains a number of issues through storytelling. He shows how he has helped people with their relationships, at times with success, but sometimes having to explain why “Divorce may be your best answer.”

Clients report excellent results and many successful marriages.

This book contains explicit sexual content from a clinical perspective.

The Author:

Dr. James L. Sullivan, a retired officer who left the US Army from a lieutenant colonel’s position, has been a clinical psychologist for the past 27 years. With a reputation of being the counselor of last resort, he is known for assisting others who were not being helped by other professionals. Because he cherishes traveling and living overseas, he is presently living in HCM City, Vietnam. His staff includes a cook, a cleaning lady, a secretary who does his typing and assists with counseling and a part-time nurse.

Author: Sullivan, Ph D James L

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1611700906
Language: English
Pages: 62

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