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Blackwell Dictionary of Cognitive Psychology (Revised)



The Blackwell Dictionary of Cognitive Psychology, now available in paperback, provides a comprehensive and in-depth account of the discipline, in 140 alphabetically arranged entries.
Entries, written by specialists in each field, are encyclopedic in style and written at considerable length to cover most of the more important areas to which cognitive psychology has made a major contribution. Subject areas dealth with include decision making, developmental psychology, emotion, intelligence, language, personality, and social psychology. All entries include suggestions for further reading, and the Dictionary has a comprehensive index. The ways in which the cognitive approach has revolutionized applied psychology are also discussed.

Editor: Eysenck, Michael W, Editor: Hunt, Earl, Editor: Ellis, Andrew, Editor: Johnson-Laird, Philip N

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 631192573
Language: English
Pages: 408

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