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Body Language: And Behavioral Profiling


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“Body language and Behavioral Profiling” is a timely book on the vital roles of nonverbal communications and people reading in our everyday lives. We all use body language to communicate our innermost feelings, thoughts, and attitudes along with spoken words. Knowing the hints, clues, signals, and signs that people use in business and social settings helps people to interpret behavioral motives, and enables them to rapidly organize information for quick decisions that may be consequential. In addition, facial expressions, posture, dress attire, and gestures that people use all infer future behavior patterns. In this book, body language signals and signs are broken down into understandable topics backed by authoritative sources. Practical pointers help readers to adopt better image and self-presentation skills. The social science tools that are covered will help readers to “get” the motives and behavior of others, while improving their own intercommunications, which helps people make more informed decisions, meet personal goals, and more fully protect themselves.

Author: Ford Jd, Mark H

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1452049424
Language: English
Pages: 344

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