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Bold Endeavors: Lessons from Polar and Space Exploration



Bold Endeavors: Lessons from Polar and Space Exploration presents the results of 15 years of research for NASA and the Department of Defense concerning the factors that contribute to adjustment and sustained human performance under conditions of isolation and confinement. The research involved the study of previous space operations and conditions on Earth, such as submarines, Antarctic stations, polar expeditions, and voyages of discovery, that are comparable to what might be expected for future long duration space missions.

Bold Endeavors is read by students, engineers, behavioral scientists, modern explorers, and the personnel staffing US Antarctic stations, among others; it has been described as “required reading” for members of NASA’s Expedition Corps, astronauts who are preparing for expeditions to the International Space Station and beyond. Bold Endeavors is of interest to the fields of psychology, psychiatry, human factors and ergonomics, anthropology, aerospace engineering, space medicine, personnel selection, organizational management, and the history of exploration. The chapter on Food is even used as a reference in culinary and hospitality-management programs.

Author: Stuster, Jack

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1591148308
Language: English
Pages: 377

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