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Book of Life: The Collected Wisdom of Dr. G. Christopher Berry


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Why do people do the things they do and feel the things they feel? If you were able to develop a better sense of what drives your actions and emotions, and those of the people around you, the possibility of a happier, more meaningful life would increase significantly. Now, psychologist G. Christopher Berry, PhD, draws from his years in the field, as well as his own life journey, to share a revolutionary new theory that can lead to a greater understanding in order to feel good. Detailing his groundbreaking Emotion Focused Theory, or EFT, The Book of Life: The Collected Wisdom of Dr. G. Christopher Berry is an inspirational book of wisdom to teach you how the world works so you can have the kind of life you want. A manual for life that bridges the spiritual and psychological, this easy, enlightening self-help resource differs from other books in its genre by in its depth, perspective, and innovative thinking. Dr. Berry’s Emotion Focused Theory, EFT, which is published for the first time in this book, reconciles the gulf of knowledge between spirituality and science with simple-to-understand guidelines that reveal how science and spirituality can coexist in deeply beneficial ways. Through concise, clear lessons, Dr. Berry guides readers through the essential truths, which once embraced, can provide the necessary direction in life that leads to greater purpose, increased serenity, and harmony. He starts by explaining how we are here first and foremost to learn, and then sheds light on subjects such as understanding, balance, health, emotions, free will, goals, communication, and happiness. The author draws his inspiration from his own life journey, which began with the sexual abuse he experienced as a toddler that left him severely depressed. When he suffered from subsequent bullying and isolation, Berry made a personal vow that he would explore more fully the negative behaviors of human beings, in order to help others to gain the understanding necessary for a more positive course in life. After receiving his schooling and training as a psychologist, he began a private practice. His book draws from this field experience, as well as his own personal and spiritual epiphanies. A Taoist, the author uses this path of enlightenment as the compass for his theory. With breadth, scope, and simplicity, The Book of Life: The Collected Wisdom of Dr. G. Christopher Berry gives readers the tools they need to stay on course, manage conflict, optimize physical health, and benefit the most from being. This thought-provoking, essential guide to living is certain to transform your state of mind, and, by doing so, your chances of a happy, satisfying life.

Author: Berry Ph D, G Christopher

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1479188387
Language: English
Pages: 154

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