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Bullied: A Point of View of a Depressed Adult That Was on the Receiving Side


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Author Darren Sheriff takes us into the world of an adult that still suffers the trauma of being bullied through his school years and how his world was almost “shot down” because of the ongoing depression. The stories may sound petty to some, but after having to deal with the constant barrage, it wears down on you. He takes you on a discussion into why bullies act the way they do and some of the little-known nuances of depressed people that will open your eyes, possibly even wider than they are now. Many seem like normal people, and while everybody has problems and stress, bullied and depressed folks have even more to deal with. There are also some ways for folks to find help listed, such as phone numbers, websites, etc. for both bullies and those who have been bullied.

Author: Sheriff, Darren

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1727034449
Language: English
Pages: 54

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