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Should family therapy be a spectator sport? Close, Erika Raskin’s debut novel explores the familiar dynamics of a family in crisis and then adds TV therapy to the mix. This book tells a poignant and edgy story of a divorced-family dynamic through complex characters and the real life struggles of parenting and adolescence. Close follows the Marchesons who are still dealing with the fallout from an ugly divorce. Wry, single mom Kik and her three complicated and imaginative daughters are all paddling hard to stay afloat. When being swamped becomes a real possibility, they grab a lifeline, one that is unfortunately tethered to living room couches all over the country. “While trying to get help for the Marcheson daughters this family experiences something that will shock you.” -LitPik “A page-turner of significance” -Best-selling author Alice Randall

Author: Raskin, Erika

Media: Book
ISBN: 989596036
Language: English
Pages: 264

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