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Closed Heart


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Dr Garry Bright trained originally as a vet, but traditional medicine did not satisfy him and he went on to study alternative medicine, with a view to practising in a more holistic way. Through the study of acupuncture, he learned of new ways to treat animals and developed his own system of treatment, bringing maximum benefit with minimal intervention. Specialising in allergies, he studied with some remarkable teachers and made great strides in treatment through acupuncture, eventually using the same treatment on humans. The ‘Closed Heart’ of the title represents trauma, which is at the root of most allergies, an exciting discovery that has had far-reaching effects on his patients. Pets reflect the owner’s trauma. Trauma closes hearts. Garry studied the physical laws of the Universe and studied the physical processes of healing and actually what occurs in a healing event. What was found was a method to open the hearts of his patients, understanding of the six dimensions of the Universe and knowledge that love is the key to healing. Unconditional love of pets opens hearts. The book describes the unfolding discoveries and holds the keys to understanding how to create healing in your own life.

Author: Garry Bright

Topic: Consumer Health
Media: Book
ISBN: 1787103889
Language: English
Pages: 220

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