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Comprehensive Handbook of Multicultural School Psychology



A comprehensive guide to current information about multicultural issues, science, and practice in school psychology

Today’s schools are characterized by wide variations in students’ ethnic, racial, language, religious, socioeconomic, and geographical characteristics. Cultural issues pervade all aspects of psychological practice as applied to school effectiveness, classroom learning and instruction, academic achievement, student behavior, and mental health. School psychologists and related personnel must apply critical thinking skills in successfully meeting the needs of an increasingly diverse student population, while working effectively with school personnel to maximize learning for all students. The Comprehensive Handbook of Multicultural School Psychology highlights the latest research in this area and offers practical information on integrating issues of cultural diversity into research and practice.

This new resource is the first text of its kind to examine the pervasive influence of culture on all aspects of school psychology, including child development, psychometrics, and interventions. Thought-provoking and practical, yet grounded in empirical research, this text covers:

  • Conceptual, philosophical, and sociopolitical foundations of multicultural school psychology
  • Cultural variation within American subgroups
  • Educational and psychological foundations of culture, individual differences, and schooling
  • Testing, assessment, and intervention issues
  • Training and legal issues
  • International school psychology

Featuring contributions from the world’s leading scholars in this area, this definitive resource is required reading for all current and future school psychologists, as well as counselors, teachers, and administrators working in school settings.

Editor: Frisby, Craig, Editor: Reynolds, Cecil R

Topic: Education / Teaching
Media: Book
ISBN: 471266159
Language: English
Pages: 1176

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