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Conquer Trauma Drama: Get Your Life Back


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If you’ve survived a traumatic experience, then you may have built your entire life in such a way that you completely avoid being triggered by sensations that remind you of the event. This choice can be life-limiting. Fortunately, you can heal the negative impacts of trauma and reclaim your freedom. Empowerment is possible and within your reach. Do you want more happiness and freedom? Would you like encouragement, inspiration, tips and insights on how to create a new life that is built around the strengths that helped you survive your trauma? Then, this is your book. In it, you’ll learn ways to process trauma, whatever the source, as well as to stop unconscious, life-limiting behavior that results from the trauma unique to your life. In Conquer Trauma Drama, Jos-Madelaine Standing will show you how to get rid of the unnecessary drama in your life, cultivate the healing of issues related to your original trauma, and get on with your life so that you can begin to thrive! About the Author American-born author, Jos-Madelaine Standing, is a certified life coach who dedicates her life to helping people shift out of victim mode. Jos taught empowerment classes all over greater Vancouver, Canada for eight years before writing this book and now offers an interactive seven-week online program to the public called Discover Your Resilience. She also offers workshops and speaking forums to youth, military and corporations to assist the audiences to end the cycle of drama within their own lives, discover their life purpose and to recover their resilience during and after life’s greatest challenges. Her writing appeared in a Hollywood-produced documentary as well as in online magazines such as Elephant Journal. Visit her website at

Author: Standing, Jo, Illustrator: Pearl, Carol, Editor: Gunning, Stephanie

Topic: Self-Help
Media: Book
ISBN: 692350659
Language: English
Pages: 284

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