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Conquer Your Fears and Phobias for Teens: How to Build Courage and Stop Fear from Holding You Back



In this powerful book, clinical psychologist and anxiety expert Andrea Umbach presents a proven-effective approach to help teens overcome fears and phobias using cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT).

For anyone with intense fears and phobias, every day can feel like a roller-coaster ride. But if you are a teen, this is especially true. In Conquer Your Fears and Phobias for Teens, you will find practical skills for coping with the thoughts, emotions, physical sensations, and behaviors that accompany phobias. You’ll also discover useful strategies to handle the things and situations that cause you to feel fearful.

This book provides evidence-based help for dealing with a number of phobias, including:

  • Animal phobias, such as dogs, cats, snakes, spiders, and more
  • Natural environment phobias, such as heights, darkness, water, and storms
  • Situational phobias, such as driving, flying, crowded spaces, closed-in spaces, and more
  • Blood injection or injury phobias, such as seeing blood or injury, or visiting doctors and dentists
  • As well as other phobias, such as vomiting, choking, contracting illness, gaining weight, loud noises, foods, and more

If you are a teen who suffers from phobias, the practical activities in this book will help you break free from the fears that are holding you back. So, what are you waiting for?

Author: Umbach, Andrea

Topic: Young Adult Social Situations
Media: Book
ISBN: 1626251452
Language: English
Pages: 240

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