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Conversation Between a Boy and His Dad: Simple Truths Hidden in Plain Sight



This is an amazing story, told from the emotionally sensitive child’s side. It is a story of the misperception of a father’s love for his child, as seen from the child’s perception at the time.

It is a story that describes the struggle of growing up in today’s world and the dynamics of a child in his household – what the author thought of it, and the life of perceived lack and misery he created from it.

In turn, the book describes the awakening of the author as a young adult, realizing that he had created his life and that if he created it, he could change it.

As the story unfolds, he realizes his misperceptions of his life and explains how he came to realize his father’s love, and that his father also represented the Mother/Father/God’s love of all its creations.

Author: Panza, Prisco a

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 173357350X
Language: English
Pages: 144

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