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Cynthia Says Radio Show -Anger Is a Choice


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Cynthia Says Radio Show-Anger Is a Choice What follows is a transcript from the “Cynthia Says Radio Show” It was broadcast in Shelton, Washington. There were nearly 30 shows in all. I started as a guest and became the co-host in this very fascinating series of discussions. This first discussion sets the tone and theme for the future shows. This presentation is for educational and entertainment purposes. No therapeutic effect is intended or implied. If you suspect you have these issues please seek competent mental health counseling. Cynthia and I have been colleagues for more than a decade and shared office space in our private practices. Occasionally we have worked together in group counseling or educational settings.

Author: Nugent, James, With: Dyrnes, Cynthia

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1494853213
Language: English
Pages: 26

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