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Dictionary of Psychological Testing, Assessment and Treatment: (Rev)


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This series of dictionaries provides comprehensive, up-to-date definitions in each subject. They are fully cross-referenced. The dictionaries arose out of the author’s dissatisfaction with existing works which arc incomplete, and either require an in depth knowledge of psychology to make use of them, or are written solely for the beginner. Definitions in these dictionaries are aimed at the level of knowledge of the reader, so that basic terms are explained as though to a novice, while more complex terms are aimed at readers with an assumed greater level of knowledge (although by use of the cross-references provided a more basic explanation can usually be found). The definitions are in greater depth, and are cross-referenced to a greater extent, than other dictionaries.

Author: Stuart-Hamilton, Ian

Media: Book
ISBN: 1853021474
Language: English
Pages: 269

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