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Domestic Violence and Health: The Response of the Medical Profession



Domestic violence and health is one of the first indepth studies within Britain to explore the issue of healthcare professionals’ attitudes towards women who are victims of domestic violence. There is a growing interest by healthcare professionals and researchers about the role of healthcare professionals in relation to domestic violence. This book looks at the health experiences of women who are victims of domestic violence and the responses to such injuries by healthcare professionals. The author presents the results of an indepth qualitative study, conducted within Britain, examining domestic violence and health. Women who are treated medically without any acknowledgement of the social, personal and psychological aspects of their condition, are likely to re-present with domestic violence-related injuries.The book includes chapters that look at: current interest both nationally and internationally;why women access health services;an examination of the physical and non-physical effects of domestic violence;the range of treatment options currently favoured by healthcare professionals and the response of patients to them;differentiations in practice between different health professionals;the impact of domestic violence as a social issue on trends in medical training..[vbTab][vbTab]These issues are considered in light of debates about medicalisation, the function of the sick role, and both biomedical/wound-led, and holistic/person-led approaches to health provision. Key findings are highlighted, and the author provides recommendations for good practice.Domestic violence and health is essential reading for public health administrators and policy makers, healthcare professionals and feminist researchers, activists and advocates.”

Author: Williamson, Emma

Topic: Politics / Current Events
Media: Book
ISBN: 1861342152
Language: English
Pages: 228

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