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Don’t Panic: You’re in the Driver’s Seat



I wrote this book to share with you my panic attack experiences, and my personal journey to liberation from this debilitating fear. Our life is a soul journey, and if you’re experiencing panic attack it’s an integral part of your unique journey. It’s a very necessary step you must take for your personal growth, and it’s your responsibility to allow this process to unfold. Panic Attack is one of your very own wisdom gates that you are meant to pass thru in your lifetime. Panic attack is a gift for your personal growth, but you have to recognize it. Rather than look at it as a negative, think of it as a positive, and your life will be enriched for it. My book weaves a chronological story of my panic attack episodes from what is called the bewilderment stage through my recovery stage, but it also shares an overlay of my philosophy of life derived as a husband and father of two, a businessman for over twenty five years, and a 70’s hippie who lived on The Farm in Tennessee. The book can be read in several hours so it is my hope that it may offer the reader immediate relief from nervous suffering. Each chapter moves forward my journey in discovery and liberation from panic attack.

Author: Lansdale, John E

Topic: Self-Help
Media: Book
ISBN: 595462332
Language: English
Pages: 56

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