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Don’t Take It Personally: The Art of Dealing with Rejection



Who hasn’t felt the sting of rejection?

It doesn’t take much for your feelings to get hurt–a look or a tone of voice or certain words can set you ruminating for hours on what that person meant. An unreturned phone call or a disappointing setback can really throw you off your center. It’s all too easy to take disappointment and rejection personally. You can learn to handle these feelings and create positive options for yourself.

Don’t Take It Personally! explores all forms of rejection, where it comes from, and how to overcome the fear of it. Most of all, you’ll learn some terrific tools for stepping back from those overwhelming feelings. You’ll be able to allow space to make choices about how you respond.
–Understand the effect that anxiety, frustration, hurt, and anger have on your interactions with others.
–De-personalize your responses and establish safe personal boundaries that protect you from getting hurt.
–Practice making choices about the thoughts you think and the ways you respond to stressful situations.
–Understand and overcome fear of rejection in personal and work relationships.

Elayne Savage explores with remarkable sensitivity the myriad of rejection experiences we experience with friends, co-workers, lovers, and family. Because her original ideas have inspired readers around the world, Don’t Take It Personally! has been published in six languages.

Author: Savage, Elayne

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1504036239
Language: English
Pages: 242

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