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Dream Psychology: Psychoanalysis for Beginners


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Do dreams have meaning? Do they disguise our desires? What is the function of a dream? Sigmund Freud answers all of these questions and more in this classic dream psychology manual. This book is a must have for not only psychology students, but also teachers and instructors too. After reading this book you’ll find yourself looking at dreams differently.”The unconscious is the larger circle which includes within itself the smaller circle of the conscious; everything conscious has its preliminary step in the unconscious, whereas the unconscious may stop with this step and still claim full value as a psychic activity. Properly speaking, the unconscious is the real psychic; its inner nature is just as unknown to us as the reality of the external world, and it is just as imperfectly reported to us through the data of consciousness as is the external world through the indications of our sensory organs.” SIGMUND FREUD

Introduction by: Tridon, Andre, Translator: Eder, M D, Author: Freud, Sigmund

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1497538963
Language: English
Pages: 136

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