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Dynamics & Treatment of Alcoho



This unique collection of papers on addiction traces our understanding of alcoholism and is at the same time a history of this disorder. The papers included have been chosen for their insight, readability, historical relevance, and clinical utility. Collectively, they offer a polyvariate understanding of one of the most complex of psychopathologies. Because the dynamics of various addictions are basically similar, papers relating to other forms of addiction have also been included. This volume provides an understanding of addictions and presents a range of treatment techniques nowhere else available. Whether they relate to the therapist’s countertransference or the alcoholic’s denial, these papers provide a multiple perspective that does justice to a highly overdetermined condition.

Author: Levin, Jerome D, Editor: Weiss, Ronna H

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1568210728
Language: English
Pages: 463

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