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Emotional Gift: Memoir of a Highly Sensitive Person Who Overcame Depression



What if depression was a gift and not suffering?
At the age of 31, Yong Kang Chan was left with no job, no income and most important of all, no identity. He thought having a job in an animation studio would lead him to the right career path. But an unexpected turn of events led him to depression.

Those two months of darkness was scary. He even contemplated dying. However, he soon realized depression was a spiritual gift and embraced it. He believed he had depression for a reason.

“I experienced depression so I could write about it and share the lessons I learned.”
Depression had taught him important lessons about being a highly sensitive person (HSP). While overcoming depression, he learned how to:

  • Embrace all feelings
  • Reconcile between anger and empathy
  • Deal with anger
  • Love and accept oneself
  • Trust one’s intuition
  • Acknowledge shame and be vulnerable
  • Let go of wanting approval
  • Above all, Yong Kang found his identity as a writer.

    The best way to accept a gift is to accept and be thankful. Are you ready to accept this gift?

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    Author: Chan, Yong Kang

    Topic: Self-Help
    Media: Book
    ISBN: 9810989407
    Language: English
    Pages: 122

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