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Energizing Self-Trust: 7 Steps for Reclaiming Your Power


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In our Western culture dysfunctional families we are raised within a maze of undercurrents and adages used to keep us in a role of performing the self-diminishing behaviors needed to cover for our parent’s unconsciously believed inadequacies. From adolescence on we then move into the world attracting relationships that repeat and even seek out the same self-devaluing rapport we had with difficult parents and guardians growing up. This has a devastating effect on our present and future ability to participate honestly in new relationships let alone to gather enough energy and consistency in our motivation to pursue what our hearts might have been inspired to be and do. Let Energizing Self-Trust assist you in forming alternate paths revitalizing your most secret desires and ambitions without the fear of undeserved shame, inhibition or distracting social obligations. Energizing Self-Trust will enhance your confidence through using a series of simple steps utilizing self-observations and making small changes in how you present yourself to the world. Reclaiming the Self-Trust and Confidence lost in your childhood will then become easy through using these simple steps that replace undesirable and inertia bound emotional patterns with new experiences and new self-assessments that will make your motivation come alive with a new feeling of freedom and consistency.

Author: Maerz, J Lawrence

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 986436453
Language: English
Pages: 202

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