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Essence and Praxis in the Art Therapy Studio


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Essence and Praxis in the Art Therapy Studio introduces the theory and practice of Art Therapy. A phenomenological approach to art therapy is presented that includes metaphor theory, social constructivism, hermeneutics, eco psychology, earth art, psychoanalysis, object relations theory, humanistic and gestalt therapy. In the book, theory and practice reflect each other as it focuses on the creative process, dialogue and interpretation, and provides a number of exercises and art activities that can be used in a therapeutic context. The role of symbolic interpretation is explored within the context of art therapy. The essence and attitude of the art therapist and the importance of therapeutic presence is presented with a series of self-reflective questions and exercises. In summary, this book is an introductory studio manual for training Art Therapists, and it emphasizes the ongoing relationship between theory and practice.

Author: Carpendale, Monica

Topic: Art & Art Instruction
Media: Book
ISBN: 1426915918
Language: English
Pages: 256

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