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Evidence from Within: Paradigm PB


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This book squarely addresses the question: does interpersonal treatment, including psychotherapy, work? It proposes an innovative model of psychiatric and psychological assessment and treatment. Having read this book, the practitioner will have a set of invaluable, new techniques for conducting a results-oriented treatment. The book and the methods it advocates can be used as a practice guide for any office-based psychiatrist or mental health clinician. Emphasized is the practitioner’s responsibility to deliver a treatment that is effective and has built in provision for independent monitoring of treatment progress. Apart from psychometric assessment and self-report questionnaires, information about diagnosis and progress comes from collaboration between clinician and patient. The approach described has been evolved and tested by the author and his colleagues for over fifteen years. The book is clearly written and replete with clinical illustrations that capture the dilemmas typically faced by practicing psychiatrists and psychotherapists.

Author: Frankel, Steven a

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 765705915
Language: English
Pages: 206

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