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Forensic Psychology


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Written by two of the leading authorities in the field, FORENSIC PSYCHOLOGY, Third Edition introduces you to the practice of forensic psychology by showing how psychologists aid the legal system by serving as expert witnesses, criminal profilers, and trial consultants for jury selection and child custody hearings. Wrightsman and Fulero present the roles and responsibilities of forensic psychologists, and address both the opportunities and temptations inherent in those roles. Through this lens, the authors explore the ethical issues facing practicing forensic psychologists, such as promising clients too much, the possibility of becoming advocates rather than objective scientists, and the pitfalls associated with substituting one’s values for data. The authors provide an accurate and candid picture of the field, and the range of careers in forensic psychology.

Author: Fulero, Solomon M, Author: Wrightsman, Lawrence S

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 495506494
Language: English
Pages: 476

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