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From This Day on: Preserving Newfound Insight, Change & Growth in the Real-World



Current research from the field of psychology suggests that the maintenance

of change and the integration of insight into everyday living is perhaps the

most unresolved challenge in the healing professions. We are a culture

enamored by the beauty of wisdom – the poetry of eastern thought, or the

manicured how-to’s of mindful living; we spend millions of dollars each year

on inspirational workshops, rejuvenating wellness retreats, and self-help

solutions. But change requires more than a climactic ending to a well-told

story. A world of integration and maintenance must be reconciled if any

lasting meaning, any true change, is to come. As a response, FROM THIS

DAY ON explores two essential areas: what exactly impedes the

maintenance of insight, and how can we effectively overcome these

challenges? Dr Lori Jespersen’s new book sees to it that the inspiration and

meaning found on the path to change does not fade upon the return home.

Author: Jespersen, Lori

Topic: Self-Help
Media: Book
ISBN: 875168477
Language: English
Pages: 138

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