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Girl Behind the Closed Door


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I am so proud to finally let you meet The Girl Behind the Closed Door. She was in hiding for a very long time, but as with anything that is life changing, the wait was worthwhile. I have suffered greatly from loneliness, fear and depression and only through my writing and other learning tools, did I find ways to emerge as a stronger and more powerful woman. Poetry was a wonderful gift that I was given to free myself from the ugly grips of depression, and now I want to share its healing power with you. In every poem, I guarantee that you will find a piece of the heart of the girl behind the closed door. That girl, who used to be me, is resting now, but her wonderful essence is still alive in these works. All that I am today is because of the courage that she showed every day, just to survive. Be gentle with her, and she will show you her love. I will bet that when you find her heart, you will recognize it as a part of your own.

Author: Avient, Marilyn, Editor: 1st World Library, Editor: 1stworld Library

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 1421899787
Language: English
Pages: 152

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