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Grief: The Universal Emotion of Loss


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Through my connection and knowing Karla, her strength and heart in moving through her own tragedy of loss, which she shared with me in my book ‘We Are Their Heaven’, reveals her endless compassion that brings a perspective to grief that touches each of us in ways that leads us to awakening and hope.

–Allison DuBois – Medium and Author

Karla’s insight and efforts to integrate her understanding of grief into tools for emergency service workers at a time when everyone needs extraordinary help and understanding has proven to be invaluable.

–Jim Sparr – Past President of the Metropolitan Fire Chiefs

Karla has a deep and visceral understanding of grief beyond any scholarly description. Her wisdom and ability to teach others about coping with grief is a gift to the world as we all struggle with loss in our lives.

–Paulette C. Compton, RN, MSN, MC – Program Director Maricopa Nursing-Banner Boswell Mesa CC

With a compassionate and empathic tone Karla Kay unveils how grief comes to us in ways we could never imagine. Presented in common language, Karla brings to the surface a fresh understanding to grief and a New Paradigm in the world of Loss. Grief – The Universal Emotion of Loss explores the journey we take through grief and the self discovery that lies hidden within us. From Karla’s own tragedy of the sudden death of her husband and daughter she was thrust into the depths of her own nightmare; and when the expert advice, prescriptions and therapy fell short she began to examine the feelings, thoughts and emotions of her own grief process. From her new awareness, Karla was inspired to share her vision for moving through the world of grief. For those in the depths of grief, those who have not faced their grief, and for those reaching out to loved ones or friends going through it, Grief – The Universal Emotion of Loss brings the hope and understanding that life after grief truly exists.

Author: Karla Kay

Topic: Self-Help
Media: Book
ISBN: 1452542201
Language: English
Pages: 112

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