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Handbook of Offender Assessment and Treatment



There is growing need to base the rehabilitation, prison regimesand treatment of offenders with special needs on research basedmethods and experience.This authoritative handbook will help youprovide care for such offenders which is effective, humane andrelated o individual organisational and social considerations -whether based in community, residential prison or secure hospitalsettings.

The Handbook of Offender Assessment and Treatment provides acomprehensive guide to the whole range of approaches to treatment, including behavioural/cognitive, family work, reasoning andrehabilitation, and anger management.It goes on to examine theassessment of various categories of offenders such as childabusers, violent, mentally disordered offenders and sex offenders, andalso looks a different ypes of reatment settings -inprisons, maximum security hospitals, residential settings and in thecommunity.

– Editor and contributors with wide-ranging understanding andextensive expertise in the field of offender treatment.
– A single-volume, authoritative, comprehensive and internationalreference.

Editor: Hollin, Clive R

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 471988588
Language: English
Pages: 620

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