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Handbook on Ethnicity, Aging, and Mental Health



This state-of-the-art, multi-disciplinary reference is the first to assess the empirical research and conceptual frameworks for understanding the mental health needs and services use of the ethnic elderly. Leading scholars, researchers, and clinicians in gerontology, epidemiology, psychiatry, psychology, sociology, anthropology, nursing, and social work appraise varying approaches, the demographics, the mental health status and service use of the ethnic elderly, and issues in the diagnosis, treatment, and mental health service delivery for the ethnic aged: for African Americans, American Indians, Asian and Pacific Islander Americans, and Hispanic/Latino Americans. This unique handbook is a valuable resource and text for students, teachers, and professionals in a broad array of fields and settings.

The handbook considers such problems as Alzheimer’s Disease, depression and problems of coping, culturally specific psychosocial nursing care programs, the role of culture and class in mental and physical co-morbidity among the elderly, and important life-course perspectives for specific groups. Students, teachers, and professionals in many fields and settings will find this unique handbook a valuable resource and text.

Editor: Padgett, Deborah K, Author: Padgett

Topic: Reference
Media: Book
ISBN: 313282048
Language: English
Pages: 376

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