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Health Psychology


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The mankind is faced with the overwhelming realm of health issues intertwined with the psychological manifestation. This book is a humble effort to compile and integrate a number of contemporary issues pertaining to health psychology. The exposition offers the latest perspective across the world on the research investigations dissecting health psychology. Psychologists, medical practitioners, medicinal chemists’, researchers from humanities, therapists from all over the world have contributed monographs on the diverse issues concerning health and psychology. Using inter-disciplinary approach, editors have attempted to weave the connectivity among broad-spectrum diaspora, while addressing concomitant health issues that every human is facing today in the perennially transforming world. Theory, empirical research and modern therapies have been amalgamated to transact with the intricate issues of health psychology. The book consists of four sections viz. clinical health psychology, occupational health psychology, meditation, yoga & therapies and interdisciplinary approaches.

Editor: Agarwala, Surila, Editor: Das, Ira, Editor: Kumar, Kavita

Topic: Consumer Health
Media: Book
ISBN: 8184244762
Language: English
Pages: 350

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