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History and Philosophy of Psyc


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History and Philosophy of Psychology is a lively introduction to the historical development of psychology. Its distinct inclusion of ideas from both Eastern and Western philosophies offers students a uniquely broad view of human psychology.

  • Whilst covering all the major landmarks in the history of psychology, the text also provides students with little-known but fascinating insights into key questions â such as whether Freud really cured his patients; what was nude psychotherapy; and were the early psychologists racist?
  • Encourages students to explore the philosophical and theoretical implications of the historical development of psychology
  • Explores key theoretical ideas and experiments in detail, with background to their development and valuable suggestions for further reading

Author: Chung, Man Cheung, Author: Hyland, Michael E

Topic: Philosophy
Media: Book
ISBN: 1405179465
Language: English
Pages: 398

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