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Holistic Solutions for Anxiety & Depression in Therapy: Combining Natural Remedies with Conventional Care



This book addresses all these common concerns and more when it comes to treating anxiety and depression, providing an essential framework for understanding holistic care and helping to make sense of the alternative solutions available.

Bongiorno, a naturopath who regularly works with mental health clients, walks readers through the fundamentals, laying out the basic principles of holistic care, the most salient CAM research to date as well as its safety concerns, and steps to take to determine if it’s appropriate to introduce a CAM modality to your client’s treatment. He also explains when holistic approaches may not be appropriate.

Readers are then taught how to assess lifestyle and physiological factors that can contribute to a client’s anxiety and depression, such as sleep, diet, caffeine intake, exercise, sunlight exposure, media use, low blood sugar, cholesterol levels, thyroid issues, hormone issues, digestive health, and more.

With an understanding of these underlying factors in place, the book goes on to outline the most effective vitamins, minerals, botanicals, and mind-body therapies for anxiety and depression–from amino acids to zinc, acupuncture to Qi gong, and everything in between–including dosages, best applications, and contraindications. How to work integratively when a client is already on an anxiolytic or antidepressant is also covered. A final chapter explains exactly how to make recommendations and design a successful treatment plan best suited to your client.

With instructive graphics and loads of case vignettes, this resource is your go-to guide for understanding the complementary and alternative options for two of therapy’s most ubiquitous problems.

Author: Bongiorno, Peter

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 393709345
Language: English
Pages: 416

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