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House Thinking: A Room-By-Room Look at How We Live


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Ethan Allen and HGTV may have plenty to say about making a home look right, but what makes a home feel right? In House Thinking, journalist and cultural critic Winifred Gallagher takes the reader on a psychological tour of the American home. By drawing on the latest research in behavioral science, an overview of cultural history, and interviews with leading architects and designers, she shows us not only how our homes reflect who we are but also how they influence our thoughts, feelings, and actions.

How does your entryway prime you for experiencing your home? What makes a bedroom a sensual oasis? How can your bathroom exacerbate your worst fears? House Thinking addresses provocative questions like these, enabling us to understand the homes we’ve made for ourselves in a unique and powerful new way. It is an eye-opening look at how we live . . . and how we could live.

Author: Gallagher, Winifred

Topic: Home Improvement / Construction
Media: Book
ISBN: 60538805
Language: English
Pages: 329

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