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How People Change: Relationships and Neuroplasticity in Psychotherapy



Growth and change are at the heart of all successful psychotherapy. Regardless of one’s clinical orientation or style, psychotherapy is an emerging process that s created moment by moment, between client and therapist.

How People Change explores the complexities of attachment, the brain, mind, and body as they aid change during psychotherapy. Research is presented about the properties of healing relationships and communication strategies that facilitate change in the social brain. Contributions by Philip M. Bromberg, Louis Cozolino and Vanessa Davis, Margaret Wilkinson, Pat Ogden, Peter A. Levine, Russell Meares, Dan Hughes, Martha Stark, Stan Tatkin, Marion Solomon, and Daniel J. Siegel and Bonnie Goldstein.

Author: Solomon, Marion, Author: Siegel, Daniel J

Topic: Psychology
Media: Book
ISBN: 393711765
Language: English
Pages: 320

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