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How to Hypnotize Your Grandchildren: Easy, Quick, and Fun Ways to Influence the Children in Your Life



The relationships adults have with children begin with life itself–first in a mother’s womb and forever after the birth of the child. These relationships can be fun, unique, and can positively influence a child from before birth, at birth, throughout childhood, and into adulthood. In How to Hypnotize Your Grandchildren, author George Toth, LCSW-R explores and demonstrates ways to provide strong, unforgettable, and powerful influences on children.

Toth, a psychotherapist, hypnotist, and grandfather of seven, shows you how to develop a special hypnotic relationship that focuses on specific mindful and interactive activities. How to Hypnotize Your Grandchildren helps you foster a calm, loving, and creative environment in which to nurture permanent, positive life skills. This guidebook

– introduces the basic elements of hypnotism and visual imagery;- explores the roles and boundaries of grandparents, children, and grandchildren;- incorporates the elements of lokahi–the Hawaiian term for aligning the mind, body, and spirit;- shows how to nurture children’s intuitions and states of consciousness through the beginning use of the mandala drawings and the Mandala Assessment Research Instrument;- discusses approaching soul guidelines with unconditional acceptance; and- shows to how develop a more mindful attitude in your interactions with others.

With charts, drawings, instructions, and case examples included, How to Hypnotize Your Grandchildren can assist you in strengthening your already powerful relationships and have an important influence on current and future character development.

Author: Toth Lcsw-R, George

Topic: Self-Help
Media: Book
ISBN: 1475982682
Language: English
Pages: 88

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