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How to Take a Crisis and Build a Solid Foundation: Personal Theoretical Framework for Application in Practice



When I first started as a Health Care Provider in the role of Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner on a hospital inpatient facility–I had experience as a psychiatric RN, but transitioning to a provider role was stressful. Documentation was different (and I was a bit slow–after all I am in my 50’s) so I rationalize my stress with “at the end of the day, the goal was the same–everyone is breathing, and acute agitation is medicated’. This project was written in 2014 during an assignment for psychotherapy. It is a combination of my personal life experience as a fifteen-year illicit drug user and all the poor decisions that come with it AND the faith in God to guide me forward in recovery. Becoming a student was the new addiction, I learned to use my addicting behaviors to grow and develop as an example to my children to lead them in “the way they should go.” During my academic years, as a student, every semester I wrestled with anxiety in the beginning as I adjusted to the change and got organized. I love the learning process as it is much like a ‘double-edged-sword; I learn and advance academically and I utilize the lessons within my work environment to improve the healthcare environment and influence others. On the personal side, I am married to a wonderful man who holds down the house while I press-on and practice as a NPP. He is not afraid of the kitchen or the laundry room for that matter. He is experienced at grocery shopping too. I remind him, as he tells me he is proud of me, that I cannot do what I do without you doing what you do. I am grateful that my two children are in their twenties and both live in their own apartments. My son is a father of two beautiful children and my daughter is a LPN working in long-term care. Demonstration is a powerful tool. I have my own personal story of recovery and strive to effect change in the people I see that struggle with similar life’s adversities.

Author: Peters, Shelly Lynn

Topic: Medical / Nursing
Media: Book
ISBN: 1977207804
Language: English
Pages: 42

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